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FrontPage JV/Varsity pictures on 5/3 @ 4:00. Wear black and white for Varsity and JV wear your uniform. We will meet at the field.   


    2012 Schedule is below



    Also parents, be aware that you can leave comments or information for everyone in the comment section at the bottom of this frontpage. 


 Welcome to Wade Hampton Generals Baseball!


WHHS 2012 Varsity Baseball Roster.doc  




2012 Varsity/JV Baseball Schedule
  Date Opponent Time Location
  2/7  Seneca scrimmage (Varsity)  5:30 pm 


  2/10  Carolina scrimmage(Varsity) 5:30 pm 



Chesnee scrimmage 


10:00 am 

@ Duncan Park


Preseason Tournament
  Date Opponent Time Location W/L Final Score
2/27  TR Tournament (v Blue Ridge)  5:00  Travlers Rest  5-3 
V 2/28  TR Tournament (v Berea)  5:00 pm  Travelers Rest  6-5 
V 3/1 TR Tournament  (v Christ Church) 7:00 pm Travelers Rest  9-2 
V 3/1 TR Tournament (v Travelers Rest) 2:00 Travelers Rest  N/A  N/A 


Regular Season
  Date Opponent Time Location W/L Final Score
JV/Var 3/5 Blue Ridge HS

5:00 JV 

7:30 V

WHHS 6-7 
JV/Var 3/6 Greer HS

5:00 JV

7:30 V 

WHHS  4-1 
Var 3/13  Greenville HS  6:00 V  Greenville  10-11 
Var 3/16  Travelers Rest HS 

7:00 V

WHHS 2-9 
V 3/19  Riverside HS  7:30 V Riverside 4-5 
V 3/20 Southside HS  TBA Southside 18-5 
Var 3/23 Berea HS 6:00 WHHS RO  RO 
JV 3/24 Travelers Rest HS (double header)

11:00 JV


Travlers Rest    
JV & Var 3/27 Eastside HS

4:30 JV

7:00 V

Eastside 7-2 
V 3/30 Greenville HS 6:00 V WHHS 2-5 
JV 3/31 Greenville HS Double Header 11:00 JV WHHS W/L   
Var 3/31 - 4/9 Tournament



2 w's

2 l's 

V 4/10 Travelers Rest HS 6:00 Travelers Rest L   1-10 


4/11 Berea HS


WHHS 9-6 
JV/V 4/12 Blue Ridge HS

5:00 JV

7:30 V

Blue Ridge 13-10 
Var 4/13 Southside HS 6:00 WHHS W   4-0 
JV 4/14 Berea HS (double header)

11:00 JV


Var          4/16      Riverside                           7:00            WHHS          L        6-10

V 4/17 Berea HS 6:00  Berea  2-1 
JV/Var  4/20  Eastside HS

4:30 JV

7:00 V 

WHHS 6-7 
JV/Var 4/23  Greer

6:00 V

Greer L   1-5 

Playoffs start on April 26th 


4/26  Walhalla 6:00  Walhalla  9-12 


2012 WHHS Concessions Sched.xlsx  


*If you know a parent who doesn't have access to the wiki, please tell them to email Austin Lynch at alynch@greenville.k12.sc.us and I will add them or they can request access on this page. We especially need the new JV and Varsity players' parents who weren't on the team last year. I have all the parent emails from last year's team.


If you would like to change how often you receive emails, you can do that by going to My PBWorks tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to Preferences and you change it to Once a Day, Once an Hour, Once a Week, etc......    Spread the word so we can communicate rain dates, practice changes, make up games using this website.  Thanks so much!

















Comments (5)

sheryll.norrell@agilysys.com said

at 3:40 pm on Mar 14, 2012

Concessions schedule for home games has been posted above. Need volunteers for both JV and Varsity games. Last year Varsity parents volunteered for JV games and JV parents volunteered for Varsity games. If that does not work for you, but you are able to volunteer for any slot it would be greatly appreciated. If everyone takes one slot we should be covered. If you are not able to staff the concession stand but would like to donate items: chips, peanuts, drinks, gatorade, bottled water, candy, CHILI DOGS, ... that would also be greatly appreciated. Please contact Patricia Thorton with any questions and/or suggestions: pthornton317@gmail.com, cell 444-9002 or home 292-1267. Thank you!

sheryll.norrell@agilysys.com said

at 9:36 am on Mar 19, 2012

Thank you to those who have volunteered for Concessions duty. See the updated spread sheet below the schedule on this web page. We still have open slots for our home games this season. Please let us know if you can cover one of those slots.

sheryll.norrell@agilysys.com said

at 4:36 pm on Mar 22, 2012

New Photos added to the 2012 Season pictures folder - from Patricia Thornton. Great shots!

sheryll.norrell@agilysys.com said

at 9:17 am on Apr 19, 2012

New pictures added to our 2012 pictures folder.

sheryll.norrell@agilysys.com said

at 8:59 am on Apr 25, 2012

Senior Night photos uploaded. Also more pictures added to the 2012 Season photos folder.

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